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Crafty Magpie is a marketplace like no other ! We’re passionate about crafts, so as well as buying unique gifts and cards, you can also buy craft supplies, and a place on a workshop – run by the Crafty Magpie sellers. With near to 60 indiviual shops from sellers all over Britain, we have over 600 products to browse.

We support the ‘buyhandmade’ campaign – do you? Furthermore, hobbyists can enjoy a rich Crafty Corner on the site, and see how crafts can make money for charities !!!

Easter & Spring

Logo-300x185This month’s featured seller is Emily Jane and her shop: Jane’s P Ragges. Emily has been recognised for her help in promoting Crafty Magpie on Facebook – Thankyou. Emily uses Patchwork, Photography, Cyanotype and Needlecraft skills to create her collection of accessories and home furnishings.